Test precautions

To ensure the safety of the sample and the accuracy of the results, please follow these instructions and precautions as regards collection of the sample.

  Tests Precautions
Fasting blood sugar (FBS) Fasting from 6-8 hours.
Post prandial blood sugar (PPBS) - This test is done after 2 hours of meal ingestion ( not exceeding 10-15 min).

- Take your medications if present.
blood sugar curve - Patient should be fasting for 6-8 hours.

- This test will take 3 hours.
Lipid profile - Triglycerides - HDL-LDL - Total lipids - Patient should be fasting for 12-14 hours.

- Water can be taken.
ESR Patient should not be fasting.
Ammonia Patient should not be smoking before doing the test.
G6-PD This test could not be done after blood transfusion, or relapse it's better to wait for 3-4 weeks after transfusion.
Cortisol This test is done at 8-9 am and at 6-8 pm.
ACTH - This test is done from 8-9 am.
- Efforts and exercise should be avoided prior to analysis for 12 hrs and low sugar intake for previous 48 hrs.
Semen analysis - Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 3-4 days.

- Samples lasting more the 30 min will not be accepted.
Urine culture - Antibiotic should be stopped 48 hrs prior to testing.

- Wash your hands then the genital organs with soap and water, then disinfect with Dettol, and wash again with water to remove excess Dettol.

- Put the first drops outside then collect the urine in the sterile container.

- Morning sample is preferred.

- In case of bringing sample from home, time should not exceed 2 hours.
Stool culture Antibiotic should be stopped 48 hrs prior to testing In case of bringing sample from home, time should not exceed 2 hours.
Occult blood in stool - Refrain from eating meats-radish for a period of 48 hours.

- Don't wash your teeth and avoid any gum wound.
PSA Patients should refrain from endoscope or catheter to the prostate for a period of 10 days prior to test.
Fibromax- actifibrotest Patient should be fasting for 12 hours.
Drugs Valporic - depakene Epanutin - phenytoin Tegretol - carbamazepime This test is done by taking a blood sample before the dose trough sample And after 2 hours from dose peak sample.
VMA - 5HIAA - Catecholamines Refrain from drinking tea - Chocolate - Pineapple - vanilla - plum - bananas - tomatoes for 72 hours a 24 hrs Urine sample is needed.
24 hrs urine analysis Empty the bladder, recordtimethen collectanyurineina bottleandcontinuetill the next day at the sametime of time of beginning - Urine is kept in the refrigerator till deliver to lab.
Urea breath test Patient should be Fasting from 6-8 hours Refrain from stomach drugs, or antibiotics 5 days prior to test.
Cervical smear - Antibiotic should be stopped 2 days prior to testing.

- No vaginal wash for previous 24 hrs no sexual intercourse.
Platelet function Fasting for 12 hoursPatient should be Anticoagulant drugs should be stopped for 7 days ( after asking your doctor).