Core values

Safety and confidentiality
Safety and confidentiality of the customers are the first priority in Mabaret El Asafra labs. to eliminate any harm can affect to the customer.

Customer focus and satisfaction
Mabaret El Asafra Labs. provide services that meet our customers' needs and expectations and maximize value to the customers.

Committed to excellence
Mabaret El Asafra Labs. are committed to produce up-to-date services with high tech equipment and compliance with international quality stanadards.

Cost effective
Mabaret El Asafra Labs. provide high quality services with competitive prices to improve the healthcare outcome in our community.

Manpower is Mabaret El Asafra Labs. treasure they proceed their work as a team with skills and creativity that complement each other. Our belief is "Together everyone achieve more".

Continuous Learning &Education
Mabaret El Asafra labs. are interested in building the capacity of the staff through continuous leaning and education.